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Gemstone Tanzanite

The Gorgeous Bluish Violet Tanzanite Gem Stone

Where is the Tanzanite gemstone mined?
Is it true that rough Tanzanite gemstones are brownish in color?
Do you know that Tanzanite gems are heat treated to enhance color?
Does Tanzanite gemstone jewelry require special care?
Does your jeweller know all about Tanzanite gemstones?
What are the shades of colors for Tanzanite gem stones?
Is the Tanzanite gem stone recognized as a birthstone?
Are bluish Tanzanite gems more expensive than other shades?
What is the trichroic effect seen in Tanzanite gemstone?
Is the Tanzanite gem stone hard or fairly soft?

Kaisilver is your best source for all requirements of Tanzanite gemstones. We are connected directly to the world's largest resources of Tanzanite gems. Gemstones are available in all sizes and we stock only the best quality Tanzanite gemstones.

As the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry, we provide complete and comprehensive information on all jewelry and gemstones that we sell. In this section of our website you will find details and information on Tanzanite gems that has never been clearly revealed by jewelry and gemstone sellers. We bring the human touch to online selling.

Click Here For complete information on Tanzanite gemstones and then view some unique and premium grade Tanzanite gems. This is just a small fraction of the Tanzanite that we offer and you are free to send in your requirements to us.

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Rings With Tanzanite Gems, Custom Tanzanite Rings
Kaisilver procures tanzanite gems from the world's leading producers of this gorgeous gemstone. Every single piece of tanzanite that we use in our custom jewelry is handpicked and closely inspected by our gemstone experts. We custom cut all tanzanite gems as per specific design requirements and you have the option of choosing from two tanzanite grades. Since our contact point is right at the tanzanite gemstone mines, you are ensured of getting genuine tanzanite gems and need not worry about fakes and various manmade imitations. Many sellers do not have complete knowledge of tanzanite and are therefore not able to assess whether buyers of this gemstone are getting good value for their money.

Our gemstone experts inspect and select over thousand carats of tanzanite gems every month, we insist on eye clean quality gems. Tanzanite gems with good color are valued much higher as compared to tanzanite that has a very pale color. You will get the complete benefit of our Tanzanite gem stone expertise when you order your tanzanite jewellery from us.

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tanzanite gemstone claddagh ring engagement tanzanite stone ring

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